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Direct Hire Vetted & Trained Home Based Ai Trained Virtual Assistants ● Home Based Multi Member Remote Teams ● Managed Virtual Specialist Teams

Unique VA/Remote Teams NO Markup Fee Direct Pay Model

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"Overwhelmed, overstretched, overworked entrepreneurs and small business owners can now outsource the MORBID PARTS of their business to one of our Busy Bee Virtual Assistants for as little as $5 per day / $5 per hour. By doing so you’ll win back your precious time, conserves mental energy and saves your sanity"

Beejel Parmar
CEO, founder of BeeEPIC Outsourcing 2009-2019 former VP of 123Employee

6 Insightful Questions To Help You Decide What To Outsource To a Vital Assistant PLUS Check List of Tasks You Can Delegate.

Option 1:
Solo Virtual Assistant

Hire an executive Ai trained executive assistant with a diverse range of skills or a VA with specialist skills, starting as low as $5 a day + our support fee.

Option 2:
Multi Member Remote Team

Hire a multi-member team with a diverse range of skills, or scale your customer support without high mark up fees charged by other agencies.

Option 3:
Managed Virtual Specialty Team

We manage a team of specialist for you. Save time, no hiring, no training, no managing. Simply meet with your account manager for updates and reports.

Building A Better Outsourcing Model

“The day after Thanksgiving 2019, I parted ways with the call center based outsourcing company I had help grow from 100 to over 500 Virtual Assistants since 2009. That was the day I started BeeEPIC Outsourcing, with the knowing there had to be a better way to save clients money AND ensure VAs could earn a decent hourly wage. Since that day we’ve developed a unique approach and have successfully matched entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses owners with home based virtual assistants.”

Our Ai Trained Virtual Assistants Can Help You With A Wide Range of Tools, Including But Not Limited To:

Planning & Accountability
Marketing / Lead Gen
Content Marketing
Sales Support / Follow Up
Customer Success / Customer Support
Executive Assistant / General VA Services

The above list represent just some of the tasks our VAs perform for their clients, please contact us with your requirements.

What Clients Are Saying About

Bee EPIC Outsourcing

Stormie Andrews

Jackie Woodside

Paul O’Mahony

Debbie Allen

Jason Osborn

Monique Messer Baldwin

Mitch Messer

Shawn Willis

Casey Eberhart

10 Reasons Clients Choose BeeEPiC Outsourcing vs. Other Agencies / Hiring Direct:

Collage Team BEO

Does not apply for managed virtual specialty services

Why OUTSOURCING is a Business Life Saver:

Optimize productivity & efficiency
Unburden low value busy work
Technical expertise you lack
Save your sanity from overwhelm
Overcome resistance
Upgrade quality of customer service
Reduce overheads & costs
Cultivate consistency
Increase sales & profits
Nurture business growth
Genius Zone – Get into your flow zone

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps


Watch the 7 minute pricing overview video or 30 minute deep dive overview video to discover if our services and unique pricing match your needs


Complete Intake form and Schedule Suitability Call to get all your questions answered and evaluate if we’re a Compatible Aligned Team Member to Create Happiness in your business.


We help you write a job description and then match you to 2-3 VAs from our network. We arrange interviews and help onboard select VA(s).

Why Delegate The MORBID PARTS of your Busy'ness...

Time to Win Back Your Freedom & Sanity From Deathly Work!

We want to help you win back your time, freedom, and sanity by delegating the daily, weekly MORBID PARTS of your business.

Most people delegate project based work to specialist on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork, we take on your day-to-day, week-to-week process type work, which we call the MORBID PARTS of your business you’re doing which could be delegated for $5 per hour, tasks you dislike doing, and tasks you’re avoid doing!

Our Culture Attracts Great Busy Bees Vital Assistants

Our Core OUTSOURCING Ethics & Values

We give home based Virtual Assistants the guidance, accountability and support to better serve our clients. We run our business on slack and have specific Slack channels in which Virtual Assistants support other Virtual Assistants. We also provide ongoing personal and professional development training.

meet the founder

Helping Clients Become Time Rich Entrepreneurs

“Since 2009, I’ve spoken in over 8 countries. I estimate I’ve had over 3000 conversations with entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners. It’s NOT just about outsourcing… at it’s core this is about TIME. Not Time Management, as we can not manage time, but we can be far my deliberate about how we choose to invest our most valuable asset… Time!

After reading the book ‘the 4-Hour Work Week’, Beejel Parmar, hired 3 Virtual Assistants and started his first VA business. Several weeks later, he started working with a call center, and over the next 10-years helped grow that business from 100 to over 500 VAs. In 2019, he started his 3rd VA business, this time pioneering a unique home based VA model. Today, clients around the world delegate their busy work and AI work his team of VAs. Beejel has spoken on stage in 8 countries and is asked to speak at workshops, masterminds and networking groups.