Discover An Easy To Use, Yet Super Effective Lead Conversion, Client Appreciation & More Referrals System


Cut Through The Clutter

I wanted to share with you a productivity and sales tool, that you can use stand alone or with our virtual assistant services that will help you with:

– Lead Conversion
– Client Appreciation / Loyalty
– Getting More Referrals

Most business owners think they need more leads, and while that might be true, 80% of the time I can show business business owners within 10 minutes that this is not always the case.

Heck, let’s put my theory to the test:

Think about the number of business interactions you’ve had over the past 12 months:

– Open up your text app, scroll down and make a list
– Review your Facebook friends who might either be a lead or referrals source
– How many Linkedin connections do you have that could be a lead

Not to mention the numerous people you’re already connection to in various groups!

Take a guess between possible leads or referral sources, the value of the business that could come from the people you’re already connected to?

Note: When I did this just for text connection for last 12 months, I estimated the value to be between $100,000 to $250,00 and that NOT including referrals.

THUS… and to my point, while we think we have a lead generation issue, and given that it cost 5x to 10x more to generate a new leads versus cultivate an existing lead, why not look at a SUPER LOW COST SOLUTION.

To better understand what I am about to share with you think an Email drip campaign but with greeting cards and gifts that cut through the digital clutter…

I am sure you heard phrases such as:

Know Like & Trust

But, what they forget to mention it should be:

Know, Like, Trust & ‘REMEMBER

You see, the problem is NOT that people are not interested in what you do, or they don’t want to refer you, it’s often they simply forget about you.

We have a low cost SOLUTION that’s easy to set up, easy to use and effective at cutting through the digital noise and clutter.

Here’s just 3 campaigns we recommend that our clients set up:

Lead Conversion & Referrals
– Birthday Card Campaign: immediate card, half birthday and actual birthday
– For New Leads – Nice To Meet You Card (one time)
– General Thank You / Appreciation Card + GIft (one time)
– Lead Conversion Campaign: 6-12 months ongoing

For Clients & Referrals
– New Clients: Client onboarding card and gift
– Existing Client: 12 month/ongoing appreciation campaign

I’m hoping you’re beginning to grasp the concept.

OK, so I have created two short video:

– The first introduces the platform website

– The second introduces you to how to better understand the platform.

Again, think email drip campaigns, now imagine how effective that would be if you could cut through the digital clutter and that your leads and clients would actually appreciate receiving something from you…

And more importantly… they’ll thank you and refer you.

Contact me if you have any questions.


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