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Weekly Calls To Provide The Guidance, Accountability, Support To Help You Overcome Procrastination, Overwhelm, Task Avoidance To Help You Get The RIGHT Things Done!

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Beejel Parmar it has been such a powerful experience and program so far! This is the perfect solution for entrepreneures who are having trouble managing and leveraging the power of their calendar and accountability/Support with project managament.

I exceeded my finalacial targets for the month and am on fire with clarity and momentum! I'm more present to additional solutions and the value of my minutes than ever before!

Christopher Burns
Coach, Host, & Facilitator at Mastering The Man Within Podcast


Punchout Procrastination - Outsmart Overwhelm - Defeat Distrations


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The Productivity Villains aka 'VIPER' (Villains Infecting Productivity Endanger Results) Are Away Stealing YOUR Precious Time, Effort & Energy.

If You're a VICTIM of the Following Crimes... CONTACT US NOW!!!

“The Productivity Crisis” is impacting more and more entrepreneurs, and preventing many from truly achieving the results they desire in their business and life!!!

Do Any of The Following Relate To You?

If you can relate the above, the ‘Productive Buzz’ virtual team can help you get the right things done!

For About The Price of Fancy Cup of Coffee Per Day You'll Get:

Turn Knowledge Into Results

The VITAL RESULTS program is based on the principles, philosophy, psychology, science, methods and tactics found in DOZENS of books, videos, TEDx Talks, such as: The One Thing – Traction – Eat That Frog – Deep Work – 4 Disciplines of Execution – The Compound Effect – The Power of Focus – the Power of Discipline – E-Myth – Who Not How – Buy Back Your Time.

You will learn and improve by doing vs. reading & watching more content (that you might procrastinate over implementing!!!)

We've Trained 1000's of Entrepreneurs & Business Owners:

Both, Roy Meyer and Beejel Parmar, have trained entrepreneurs and business owners all over the world how to outsource busy work, hire and work with vital assistants (aka. virtual assistants), build vital teams, manage remote team members, and thus become more productive.

The VITAL RESULTS Program helps you take advantage of the 'Compound ACTion Effect':

Taking Appropriate, Consist, Tenacious Action to reach the Expansion Point as taught by Darren Hardy in his best selling book “The Compound Effect

You might be more familiar with the magic of compound interest, well compound effort works in a similar way. It the miracle, aka reaching an inflection point, of doing the right thing consistently long enough such that the fruits of ones efforts start to produce exponential results.

Our low cost-high value support program is designed to help you stay on track, do the right things daily to take advantage of the Compound Effort effect.

OPTIONAL: We train your VA to become your VPA (Vital Productivity Assistant

Most entrepreneurs DO NOT do proper priority planning. The ones that do will often resist scheduling tasks in their calendar. IN ADDITION… most entrepreneurs so not track their hours worked, revenue producing activity hours, daily productivity and how they felt… THUS, we can train your ‘Virtual Assistant’ to become ‘Vital Productivity Assistant’ aka VPA, to help:

Your Vital Productivity Assistants will help you with:

Built Around The R.A.P.I.D. Progress Method (RPM)

RAPID Progress Method (RPM)


your progress and performance


and prioritize your focus


processes and key projects


tasks that can be delegated and automated


personal performance
We’ve taken time proven project management methods, such as agile and scrum, L10 meetings from EOS, meeting recommendations from Scaling Up

We’ve studied dozens of books on the science, phycology and discipline on how to prioritize, get focused, accelerate results, etc. from books such as ‘Deep Work’, ‘The One Thing’, and ‘The 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX)’, and created a program that bridges the gap between strategy, planning, scheduling, commitment and implementation to help solopreneurs, professionals and micro business owners.

Inspired by 'Bees'

Our symbolic mascot is the small, yet mighty Bee:

Bees are efficient, productive, intentional, completional, and In their short lifespan,

Bees serve their purpose, they serve their hive and they serve humanity.

Bees really are EPIC & We Entrepreneurs NEED TO BE More Bee Like

Efficient: Bees are very efficient in their use of time

Productive: Bees are super productive and well organized

Intentional: Bees are extremely intentional about their workday

Completional: Bees complete their daily missions

What Our Clients Have To Say

Mary Ziola
Radhakrishnan KG
Lisza Crisalle
Dan Burke1
Chris Burns1
Amy Honey1

meet the founder

...price of a cup of coffee per day?

I have been helping entrepreneurs and business owners become way more productive through providing outsourcing services since 2009.

In 2011, I started co-facilitating hi-ticket masterminds, during which we would white board multi-million dollar business strategies. Despite the guidance, it dawned on mean that only a small % would follow through. As time went on this realization started to bother me.

In 2015, as I returning from LA to Bangalore India after co-facilitating a mastermind weekend. While at LAX International Airport, I decided to visited Starbucks. As I sat with with coffee in hand, I asked myself the question, “could a program be created to help entrepreneurs achieve better results for the price of a cup of coffee per day.

On my return I began a deep dive into topics related to productivity, reading dozens upon dozens of books, going through several courses, consuming YouTube and TEDx videos… I launched with a workshop variant which eventually became the program we have today… and the cost: a price of ‘fancy’ coffee per day!

Leverage Our Experiences (& mistakes!) To Achieve Better Accelerated Results & Epic Success In Your Business:

The Smarter, Better, Faster Way to Achieve RAPID RESULTS With Our Bee Inspired Productivity & Accountability Program

Are you ready to transform the way you work, achieve your goals faster, and embrace a more organized, stress-free life?

Here’s 12 oh so sweet reasons you’ll want to join our program:

1. Enhanced Focus and Productivity: Learn techniques to concentrate better and minimize distractions, leading to increased productivity and efficiency in your work.

2. Effective Goal Setting and Achievement: The program teaches you how to set realistic and achievable goals, and helps you break them down into manageable tasks for easier accomplishment.

3. Advanced Time Management Skills: Gain skills in prioritizing tasks effectively, managing your time well, and maximizing your daily output.

4. Improved Accountability: Weekly checkins and tracking of progress within the program ensure that you stay committed to your goals, enhancing your motivation and drive.

5. Development of Positive Habits: You’ll learn to establish and maintain productive habits that contribute to both your personal and professional growth.

6. Benefits of a Productivity Community: Engage with a community that shares your commitment to productivity. Gain new perspectives, learn from the experiences of others, receive support and motivation, and connect with people who can help hold you accountable. This community aspect fosters a sense of belonging and can significantly amplify your own productivity through shared knowledge and encouragement.

7. Personal and Professional Development: The skills and techniques learned are applicable in various aspects of life, leading to overall growth and development.

8. Stress Reduction: Better organization and time management skills lead to reduced stress as you gain more control over your workload and deadlines.

9. Customized Feedback and Guidance: Receive personal feedback and advice tailored to your specific challenges and goals.

10. Increased Self-Awareness: The program helps you understand your working style, strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

11. Principles of Effective Delegation: Learn to identify tasks that can be delegated, understand how to choose the right tasks for delegation, and how to effectively communicate and manage delegated tasks.

12. Enhanced Decision-Making Skills: Improve your ability to make quick, effective decisions, especially in prioritizing tasks and resolving challenges.

These benefits collectively create a comprehensive approach to improving productivity, efficiency, and personal growth.

Bee Resultant isn’t just a course; it’s a transformation. It’s time to step into the realm of heightened productivity, where your goals aren’t just dreams – they’re inevitable successes waiting to happen.

Join Us Today and embark on your journey to becoming the most productive, accountable version.

What you'll receive

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$100M DONE Club


What you'll receive

This all sounds great... but what's my time commitment?

This program is designed to save you vast amounts of time and dramatically boost your productivity over the course of the program. For every hour you invest in the program, you have the potential of gaining 5-10 hours back in efficiency.


New Members

$1997 a year | $197 per month

Pricing for BeeEPiC Outsourcing Special Buyers

If You Still Have Questions...

We want this to be the RIGHT PROGRAM at the RIGHT TIME.

Can we speak candidly?

We KNOW it’s NOT the price… We’ve done our research and NO OTHER program is going to deliver as much VALUE as this program. Most online courses will cost you $500-$2000 – just for a series of videos.

Maybe you’re part of a mastermind or coaching program? That’s AWESOME, we don’t do strategy. We do help you bridge the gap between ideas, strategy and tactics to implementation and commitment.

Maybe you’re too busy to take back control? I think the answer to why you need to invest is in the question!!!

OR, Maybe you feel you don’t need our support? If this is you, we TRULY WISH YOU WELL, if you feel you can take on the Productivity Villains aka. your behavior without support, I wish you nothing but success.

BUT, If you are thinking I NEED THIS…

and you have a few more questions, please schedule a call – If we answer all your questions and this program is a fit for you, we hope you’ll say YES and join the program.

Review the information on this page to ascertain if our program objectives, structure, and pricing meets your needs and budget.

Final Note:

We understand that results matter to you. There’s so much more to this program than words can express. If you are reading these words, it’s because you’re interested.

If that’s true for you, you’ve 2 low cost options to choose from, with and without a Virtual Assistant. In my experience, and thousands of conversations, I know that we entrepreneurs resist adding the right tasks to our calendar… so I encourage you to activate the full power of this program by signing up for the Virtual Assistant powered version of this program.

If you’re in… I look forward to welcoming you.

However, if you’re still on the fence, take a LEAP of faith and setup a time to chat to us.

I know in my heart this program can help you. But, I don’t want to ‘manipulate’ you. You need to make the decision, but once you do, we’re here to help you.

Make it a truly EPIC day.

Beejel Parmar

Bee EPIC Outsourcing
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